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Crossy Road - Review

There are several companies making online games that are a perfect past time. If you are looking to kill boredom and have got nothing else to do, all you have to do is play these online games. Nowadays, these companies have also released offline versions of their games so that you can kill boredom even if you have no access to the internet. Out of numerous great game developing companies, Disney is right among the top guns. The company has released so many great games, and one of their best products so far is Crossy Road.

Awards and Honors

The game has risen to fame since its inception and has never stopped since. The game that has been making millions of fans all around the globe has also won many awards and honors, proving it to be one of the best games out there. Crossy Roads was declared the best game of 2014 by some huge names in the gaming industry. These include the Apple app store, touch arcade, the Guardian, CNET, venture bat, GSM Arena, Mac world, App Advice and several others. The game also won the finalist award for the best game of the year 2014 conducted by AGDA.

The game has been developed by the developing team named Hipster Whale whose team members are JIGXORANDY, KLICKTOCK, and SUNRAHEADGEAR. These are the geniuses behind the best game of 2014 and the most favorite game of millions around the globe.


Frogger haven't risen to fame for nothing. It is famous because of its perfect graphics and simple gameplay. The game is so user-friendly that people of all ages can play the game quite easily. The interface of the game is neat and colorful, which are the basic tools to beat boredom in human nature. Moreover, the game also does not lag or crashes abruptly. These developers have made sure that the gamers get the best uninterrupted experience.

You can choose different characters in the game. Playing with one character can be quite boring, and this is why the developers have made sure that the players can change their characters in the game. The default character is a chicken which is free of cost, and you can play the whole game with it if you want. The next character is a cat which gets unlocked if you have 100 gold points.

After that, there comes a dog that gets unlocked with 200 points. A pig is unlocked with 300 points whereas a rabbit is unlocked with 400 points. Lastly, the best character in the game regarding gameplay is the frog. You are going to need a total of 500 points to unlock this character. This unlocking of the characters makes the game even more interesting because there is no better entertainment than some healthy competition.

The gameplay is simple and quite beautiful. You have to move your character through traffic while the screen moves in the opposite direction. If you can't cope with the screen's speed and your character is nowhere to be seen on the moving screen, you lose. This is a race against time while you are beating traffic and avoiding obstacles. Traffic includes buses, cars, bikes, and even high-speed trains.

You also have to jump through rivers with the help of moving logs and turtles which can be a bit tricky. This is what keeps the gamers indulged because a game which is too easy gets boring eventually. As you keep passing through traffic and collecting gold points, the game gets difficult, and the screen starts moving faster. The traffic also becomes faster, and the log movement increases as well.

In the settings option, you can change the graphics of the game according to your liking and can also select the suitable volume for the game. The game can be paused and restarted whenever you want, and your high scores are also saved the game.


Crossy Roads is a great game with millions of fans and downloads. The game is available on all platforms, and the developers have made sure that all smartphone users should have the ability to enjoy this great game released in 2014. The game is available for download at the Apple app store, so if you have an iPhone, you can enjoy the game for free.

Android users can also download the game for absolutely free from their Google Play Store available for their devices. Moreover, the game is so versatile in its development that it can also be played on Windows phones. With the increasing popularity of Android and iOS, a game that's available on Windows and Symbian is a remarkable event.

So what are you waiting for? Open up your smartphones, go to your respective stores and download this amazing game to knock boredom out of the park.